Key Features of QuickBooks


QuickBooks offers many beneficial features to automate, streamline and simplify accounting work and make it more efficient to enhance the productivity of the company that is using it to manage its business processes. These beneficial features include tracking inventory, tracking mileage, scanning receipts, filing taxes, creating and tracking invoices, keeping track of bills and expenses, printing financial statements, creating profit and loss reports, and balance sheet report, tracking employee hours and running payroll, generating a statement of cash flows.

Get a Snapshot of your Company’s Performance

A Snapshot of a company refers to a pictorial illustration of a business’ performance on a regular basis that can be weekly, monthly or annually. It provides information related to what the company has been doing and how it's progressing on a single screen. The reveals information related to all the revenues and expenses of the business.

Easy to Use Software Interface

QuickBooks understands that the success of any software depends on its user-friendliness which it has ensured when designing QuickBooks. This powerful accounting software is easy to understand and use for even those who lack a technical background. It has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it very easy for its users to work on this tool.

One Place for All Your Data

QuickBooks enables you to store all your customers’ and supplier’s information. It allows you to familiarize yourself with your customers and select the right ones for the success of your business. Its comprehensive database lets you monitor your business' sales and accounting reports. It provides you with relevant information that helps you to understand business trends and gives you access to information regarding which product has sold the best and which hasn't.

Anywhere, anytime access

QuickBooks provides you the freedom to sign in from any internet linked device that is working on an operating system that supports it. Work related to QuickBooks can be done from anywhere at any time which is a very beneficial feature for any user as his work never comes to a halt.

Inventory Tracking

This feature lets the user monitor and control his inventory easily. Inventory monitoring is essential for every business. It helps to verify product availability in stock or in the warehouse as well as the demand for the product with all the relevant information related to its consumption. It provides many additional information related to your product which are important.With the help of QuickBooks, inventory tracking and management becomes extremely easy and efficient.

Data Backup and Security

Essential support is provided to create backup of your valuable financial data so that it is not lost in case of any untoward issue that affects your QuickBooks’ account. Highest security standards are maintained to keep a user’s data protected and safe from malicious attacks.

Track Employee Hours

QuickBooks enables you to track your employee’s hours. The hours tracked then reflect on your customer invoices (if billable) and your payroll. This ensures that every hour you pay your employees is considered for billing to a customer.

Quick Access to Crucial Information

Have a quick access to any important financial statistics such as P&L, cash flow, balance sheet,in one click. It lets you have customized reports for your business quickly.

Track sales and expenses

QuickBooks enables you to keep track of your business revenue and expenditures. All your financial information can be accessed in one location. This enables you to manage the finances related to your business easily. Through QuickBooks, you can monitor your sales and expenses and make informed decisions to expand your business.

Online Banking

Having your account information accessible quickly is possible via QuickBooks accounting software. To avail of this beneficial feature, you need to link your QuickBooks account with your bank. After that, you can download all your transaction data automatically. This lets you minimize unexplained errors in data entry and helps you to replace reconciliation errors with accurate information that comes straight from the bank. All your information related to bank transactions is completely safe when you use QuickBooks.

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